So ….. why would you want to volunteer at the Sycamore Tree? Well – there’s several reasons – some practical and some less so. If you’re looking to find work and you want some demonstrated experience in the field of hospitality, then we’re a great place to start. We offer training in both front of house and kitchen and coffee-making. And we can act as a reference for you if you seek employment elsewhere. But – and possibly more importantly – we offer a great opportunity to work with good people, to develop social skills and to enjoy your work. We have a lot of long-term volunteers who work with us because we enjoy our time together and looking after customers.

If you’d like to volunteer with us have a read the steps and download the documents below. They provide what you need to know if you’re considering volunteering with us.


The steps to become a Sycamore Tree Volunteer.

  1. Have a WORKING WITH CHILDREN card, or be prepared to apply for a Volunteer card – noting the UCA 130 Lonsdale St. Melbourne as the organisation.
  2. Be familiar with the “Information and PD for Prospective Volunteer”​ document.
  3. The Prospective volunteer attends an interview with the Sycamore Tree manager. The Volunteer is given the Sycamore Tree Volunteer Document – Banyule Network of UCA​.
  4. Upon being accepted the Volunteer signs the Sycamore Tree Volunteer Document – Banyule Network of UCA​.
  5. The Sycamore Tree Manager informs the Banyule Network’s contact for WWCC of the new Volunteer’s details for recording on the WWCC database.
  6. The Sycamore Tree Manager records and stores Volunteer information on the Sycamore Tree Volunteer database.
  7. The volunteer will complete a Volunteer training session conducted by the Sycamore Tree Manager or a representative.
  8. The volunteer will complete the UCA Volunteer Induction on the online portal of the UCA.
  9. The volunteer will complete the Safe Church Training module within 6 months of becoming a volunteer.
  10. When a Volunteer leaves the Sycamore Tree, the Sycamore Tree manager will inform the Banyule WWCC contact to remove the details from WWCC database.
  11. The Sycamore Tree Manager will adjust the volunteer database to reflect the volunteer as not current.



If you have any further questions, or would like to apply to be a volunteer, send us an email at: