Cafe of Dangerous Ideas

Last Friday in the month 7.30 – 9.30pm.

Café of Dangerous Ideas is designed to do two things: for those of us who are Christians of any persuasion – it’s designed to make us ask how our faith impacts on the modern world. For those of us do not share that faith, it is designed to ask how does your morality impact on the decisions you make about various issues in our world today.

Café of Dangerous Ideas gives you the chance to actively engage your faith and to make connections with others in the community who want to learn and discuss. We welcome you whatever your beliefs and understandings.

Check out the Café of Dangerous Ideas Facebook site for up-to-date information.

Theology Hub

Wednesday nights at 6pm

Wednesday nights the Sycamore Tree plays host to a Theology Hub – a small group of mature age students who remotely study a unit of Theology through Pilgrim College (the Theological college of the Uniting Church). We usually share a meal whilst doing our tutorial and discussing the issues that are raised through an in-depth study of christian theology. Sandy Brodine – one of the Ministers at the church here, is the contact person if you’d be interested in joining us.

Common Ground

Sunday’s 10am

Common Ground is a fresh expression of church for people of all ages, cultures and beliefs who want to be encouraged and supported as they follow the way of Jesus in their everyday life.

A typical gathering has some singing, Bible reading, craft-based play and learning, discussion, prayer and quite a bit of friendly and inclusive fun. Common Ground is a safe space for children and adults alike to participate with respect and encouragement.

Keep up to date with weekly plans by following Common Ground Heidelberg on Facebook.


Thursday’s 8pm

The SPACE Contemplative Community offers an inclusive exploration of Christian spirituality through ritual, reflection, meditation and community.

Each service follows a basic format with lots of time for personal reflection and prayer based around a reading or theme, as well as time to reflect together as a community and to pray together for the world. We regularly celebrate Eucharist together as well.

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